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23 ~ Sunset over Sam sand dunes : out of Jaisalmer

Jeep to myself having booked a “shared” jeep

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Being close to the Pakistan border (100 kms / 60 miles), the Indian army had many, many bases here as we approached Jaisalmer. Soldiers stay for 2 years only before being moved to another base.


It took over an hour to get to the Sam sand dunes out in Rajasthan's Thar desert, about 42 km / 26 miles west out of Jaisalmer. I had the jeep to myself having booked a “shared” jeep. So that was bonus. 1,000 rupees / NZD$22 / US$14.80.


We had time to stop off at a small group of houses where the locals earnt a living quarrying the local rock.

IMG_3028.JPG IMG_3029.JPG

IMG_3031.JPG IMG_3032.JPG


IMG_3034.JPG IMG_3035.JPG


IMG_3036.JPG IMG_3037.JPG


Hundreds and hundreds of wind turbines dotted the countryside. Hate to see them all going when the wind really blows which it must do but certainly not today.

IMG_3039.JPG IMG_3041.JPG

Pass many of the paragliding operators who use jeeps to get their fare paying people up into the skies above.


IMG_3044.JPG IMG_3045.JPG

IMG_3047.JPG IMG_3048.JPG

Soon it was off the main tar seal road, passing one of the many tourist luxury glamping tent village complexes, proceeded along the sandy track. I was asked by Kabir my jeep driver if I wanted to go to a tourist or non-tourist sand dune? Of course the non-tourist area please.

Decided before the trip not to do an overnight stay “glamping” it up in one of these luxury tent complex. Mainly because of how cold the overnight winter’s temperature could drop to. A wise decision as the buffet dinner food selection back at the Fort Rajwada was the best on tour!

IMG_3049.JPG IMG_3050.JPG


A tourist filled sand dune


Kabir of course had his friend Isak the camel man and while he stayed with him, pointed me in the direction of the sand dunes which was not far away and up I climbed. The dunes here are not high at all but the best that India can offer.

IMG_3053.JPG IMG_3057.JPG IMG_3054.JPG







IMG_3062.JPG IMG_3063.JPG

IMG_3064.JPG IMG_3065.JPG

IMG_3066.JPG IMG_3067.JPG

IMG_3068.JPG IMG_3074.JPG




IMG_3075.JPG IMG_3076.JPG



IMG_3079.JPG IMG_3080.JPG

IMG_3081.JPG IMG_3082.JPG



IMG_3085.JPG IMG_3086.JPG


I had over an hour enjoying the peace of this area finding my own space away from the neighbouring dunes with many tourists dotted on them. Yes, tourists on camels plus the local gypsies wanting to perform a dance for me wandered by. You could hear the traffic in the far distance on the road and later the noisy powered paraglider but … it was worth it.

IMG_3088.JPG IMG_3104.JPG

Slowly the sun dropped below the horizon a few minutes before 6.00pm / 18:00. (Yes, lots of sunset photos!)

IMG_3089.JPG IMG_3090.JPG

IMG_3092.JPG IMG_3094.JPG

IMG_3096.JPG IMG_3097.JPG

IMG_3098.JPG IMG_3100.JPG

7e24c860-3e01-11e9-ae52-c7b1d5106389.JPG 7ebd37d0-3e01-11e9-8a70-09be40672e4b.JPG

153d8200-3e02-11e9-ae52-c7b1d5106389.JPG 7e905b70-3e01-11e9-ae52-c7b1d5106389.JPG

IMG_3102.JPG IMG_3103.JPG


I eventually wandered down the sand dune and Isak still had a hot chai waiting for me that he brewed up on an open fire much earlier and kept it hot by no doubt burying it next to the hot embers.

IMG_3106.JPG IMG_3107.JPG

Kabir ~ Isak

IMG_3108.JPG 81fa44f0-3e02-11e9-ae52-c7b1d5106389.JPG

IMG_3109.JPG IMG_3110.JPG

IMG_3112.JPG IMG_3113.JPG

It was nearly dark 20 minutes after the sun had dropped when we left going back to Jaisalmer dropping Isak off at his village first. The jeep with no side window (roll down plastic if we had wanted to) so it was fresh air for the hour long trip back. Again was glad for the merino layers that I had taken. Yes, could have stopped and rolled the plastic windows into place.

Back to the hotel and their marvellous buffet dinner.

This hotel had by far the best buffet breakfast and dinner on tour!

Sonal Restaurant - A self-sustainable Rajashtani Fine Dining Restaurant which uses organic and local produce from nearby farms to offer the best of what rajasthani cusine has to offer. The decor and luxurious interiors add to the whole Imperial Experience offered by us at Fort Rajwada.


1,000 rupees / NZ$20.20 / US$14 all up.

IMG_3115.JPG IMG_3116.JPG

IMG_3117.JPG IMG_3118.JPG

7f9a34e0-3e02-11e9-ae52-c7b1d5106389.JPG 7f369110-3e02-11e9-ae52-c7b1d5106389.JPG

IMG_5908.JPG IMG_5909.JPG

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