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7 ~ But would I wear it back home? Chandni Chowk - Delhi

Was tempted to buy a Pagdi ... but would I wear it back home?

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Still on foot it was through the fabled area of Chandni Chowk with its narrow alleyways. Yes, very easy to get lost in here!

16af31b0-42a8-11e9-9f8e-132bdeb86aa0.JPG 1704a4b0-42a8-11e9-9f8e-132bdeb86aa0.JPG

173f15a0-42a8-11e9-9f8e-132bdeb86aa0.JPG 1a385870-42a8-11e9-8563-ffce6c326551.JPG



These are just pooris / puris which are made out of wheat flour, rolled into small discs and deep fried/puffed.

Served with aloo subzi (potato vegetable) or any runny curry (not like chicken masala or paneer masala).

Here is the link to Tripsavvy:

Chandni Chowk, the main street of old Delhi, is a shocking contrast to the wide, orderly streets of New Delhi. Cars, cycle rickshaws, hand-pulled carts, pedestrians, and animals all compete for space. It's chaotic, crumbling and congested, but completely captivating as well. As one of the oldest and busiest markets in India, its narrow winding lanes are full of inexpensive jewellery, fabrics, and electronics.

For the more adventurous, Chandni Chowk is an excellent place to sample some of Delhi's street food. The renowned Karim Hotel, a Delhi dining institution, is also located there.

Everything you've imagined about India being tumultuous and teeming with activity comes to life at Chandni Chowk in Delhi. This prominent thoroughfare and surrounding market area is one of the most crowded places in India. Yet, it's also where you'll get some of the best street food, spices, and bargain goods.

15a5ff10-42a8-11e9-9f8e-132bdeb86aa0.JPG c3575d10-4245-11e9-81f3-af06e4639ff8.JPG

1ac926c0-42a8-11e9-8563-ffce6c326551.JPG 19d68960-42a8-11e9-9f8e-132bdeb86aa0.JPG

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19d502c0-42a8-11e9-9087-5b4c625322e9.JPG 1817c260-42a8-11e9-9f8e-132bdeb86aa0.JPG


e99110f0-42ab-11e9-a236-4b5450487830.JPG e6349f80-42ab-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG

By chance as it turned out I passed Haveli Dharampura where Eve my travel agent would be staying later next year. The photo of the entrance way is certainly so different to their web site!


Look at their “then and now” photos of how the place has been restored.


e9a9a200-42ab-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG ea7863b0-42ab-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG ea30ac50-42ab-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG


e8afffc0-42ab-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG e7579bb0-42ab-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG


e9d60930-42ab-11e9-a236-4b5450487830.JPG e7607550-42ab-11e9-a236-4b5450487830.JPG


e8e4cb60-42ab-11e9-a236-4b5450487830.JPG 9ae27010-42ac-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG


Down another alleyway where shop after shop were wedding material suppliers. Yes, I was tempted to buy a Pagdi / pugdi/ pagri but, would I wear it back home?

a0b0a4d0-42ac-11e9-a236-4b5450487830.JPG 9b3dd680-42ac-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG

a092e3a0-42ac-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG a0b5d4f0-42ac-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG

9aa6edb0-42ac-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG 9a48c820-42ac-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG


9e00a000-42ac-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG a0411a20-42ac-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG


9ca61910-42ac-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG 5d298b90-42ad-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG


9eb30010-42ac-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG 9c7fa550-42ac-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG



5ce04d90-42ad-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG 5aa1cf40-42ad-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG


6089cd90-42ad-11e9-a236-4b5450487830.JPG 5ecf7360-42ad-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG


5ce815c0-42ad-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG 5dcfddb0-42ad-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG

Not knowing how long that I was to spend at the remaining sites today, I wish that I could have spent much more time here as 30 minutes was certainly not enough for my “street photography”.

Back towards the main street and into a tri-cycle for the very short ride back to Jama Masjid and the car.

5b7069e0-42ad-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG 5d171500-42ad-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG

607a6440-42ad-11e9-a0dd-f784a0070666.JPG 607de6b0-42ad-11e9-b194-5d080a34e271.JPG





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