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46 ~ “Wall to wall” crowd : Deogarh to Pushkar

Day 12 : Now you see me ... now you can't

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Breakfast then another foggy misty day was waiting us as we drove out of Deogarh towards Pushkar. Not many people were up yet. Besides the odd cattle, the shops and streets were kind of deserted.


1c23bab0-4219-11e9-920f-99c6a82cb154.JPG 1ce9c9d0-4219-11e9-8a41-a9c75ab33df0.JPG


Rubbish was being collected. The truck goes around with music blaring just like a "Mr Whippy" ice cream van and out came the householders with their rubbish.


Rubbish truck


School children being taken to school.

1ceadb40-4219-11e9-920f-99c6a82cb154.JPG 1b2ed360-4219-11e9-920f-99c6a82cb154.JPG


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21c1b7b0-4219-11e9-920f-99c6a82cb154.JPG IMG_5411.JPG


216c44b0-4219-11e9-9cd6-3d6f198fe0ac.JPG IMG_5415.JPG

22164050-4219-11e9-9cd6-3d6f198fe0ac.JPG 1f0a38d0-4219-11e9-920f-99c6a82cb154.JPG

22e35450-4219-11e9-8a41-a9c75ab33df0.JPG IMG_5419.JPG

IMG_5418.JPG 225481d0-4219-11e9-9cd6-3d6f198fe0ac.JPG


1cabaf60-4219-11e9-920f-99c6a82cb154.JPG IMG_5424.JPG

Now you see me ... now you can't

Got to Ajmer at 1pm / 13:00 and first stop was the Soniji Ki Nasiya Jain Temple. Not being Jain, we were not allowed into the temple itself but next door was something that I had not expected.

04522a20-4219-11e9-8a41-a9c75ab33df0.JPG dd47e290-4230-11e9-b2f1-0bcf67268cbb.JPG

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dce57740-4230-11e9-b2f1-0bcf67268cbb.JPG d894bac0-4230-11e9-8bb3-6d7924be14d8.JPG


ddfa69b0-4230-11e9-b2f1-0bcf67268cbb.JPG df5c1c90-4230-11e9-9d40-332c85f122de.JPG

IMG_5431.JPG IMG_5432.JPG

de2ee730-4230-11e9-9d40-332c85f122de.JPG IMG_5435.JPG

df6d5aa0-4230-11e9-b2f1-0bcf67268cbb.JPG df121b40-4230-11e9-9d40-332c85f122de.JPG

Ajmer is a green oasis on the shore of Ana Sagar Lake, hemmed in by barren hills.

Historically, It was founded in 7th century by Ajaipal Chauhan. He named it Ajaimeru the ‘invincible hill’. The Persian saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti who came with Muhammad Ghori from Persia in 1192 settled here. Thus, the place where he was buried is today known as the Dargah Sharif. Construction of the shrine was completed by Humayun and the gates were added by the Nizam of Hyderabad. Later Shahjehan constructed a mosque of white marble, it has 11 arches and a Persian inscription running the full length of the building.

The Dargah Sharif is Ajmer’s main attraction, the most sacred of all Muslim places of pilgrimage in India.

So, it was out of the car and with the “wall to wall” crowd, walked along the streets plus knowing that no camera was allowed inside. Nothing was in my pockets. Took nothing except my i phone.


Next asked Ashok to stop just below a lookout to see back over the lake and Ajmer itself, then onto Pushkar.


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