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48 ~ Modern day sculpture park or ancient Observatory?Jaipur

Day 13 : Jantar Mantar Observatory was a real surprise

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Another 9am / 09:00 departure so there was after another double breakfast time for a walk around the resort taking the day time images in the previous entry.

IMG_5542.JPG 2e9bbc60-423c-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG


320f8660-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG IMG_5543.JPG

2b580310-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG 2be91f80-423c-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG


2e9ddf40-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG 2b866610-423c-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG

Took just 2.5 hours to get to the Pink City of Jaipur.

Surrounded on three sides by the rugged Aravali hills, Jaipur is the picturesque capital of Rajasthan. It takes its name from the prince, soldier and astronomer Jai Singh II who moved his capital here in 1727. Jaipur is notable for its distinctive pink-orange colouring. The whole of the old city, including many fine palaces and buildings was constructed from solid blocks of sandstone or faced with the same stone. But it was only in 1853 that it gained its famous title, the ‘Pink City’ - it was painted pink for the first time in honour of a visit from Prince Albert.

2d5c3780-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG 2e019f40-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG

2cc093c0-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG 2c858690-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG


Check into the Fortune Metropolitan, a 4 star hotel.


A short break before the 1pm / 13:00 departure for the city tour. So, it was next door into the adjourning shopping centre to see what was there.

Pushpendra (Push) was my local guide for Jaipur. With his pink baseball cap and tall stature, he was really easy to spot.



Then off to Jantar Mantar Observatory.

3195e990-423c-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG IMG_5558.JPG

2ff69170-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG 2ddeadf0-423c-11e9-aa32-b34c480b6a80.JPG

IMG_5567.JPG 2e180d70-423c-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG

314fdfe0-423c-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG 30588790-423c-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG



c03bbed0-423d-11e9-aa32-b34c480b6a80.JPG IMG_5570.JPG


All these small chemists / pharmacies opposite the hospital







bc48d9c0-423d-11e9-aa32-b34c480b6a80.JPG bb7499d0-423d-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG




be9d5110-423d-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG bfca8670-423d-11e9-84e6-61b2525c2358.JPG

The open air Jantar Mantar Observatory was a real surprise. As one brochure said it was more like a modern day sculpture park than an ancient Observatory.

Here is the link to Tripsavvy:

Jantar Mantar, built by King Jai Singh II between 1727 and 1734, literally means "calculation instrument". More than just a curious collection of sculptures, each structure at the intriguing Jantar Mantar observatory has a specialized astronomical function. There are 14 structures in total, which measure time, predict eclipses, and track stars. The most impressive one is the huge Samrat Yantra sundial. At a height of 90 feet (27 meters), it has a shadow that moves roughly the width of a person's hand every minute. It's a profound display of how quickly time does in fact go!


Push gave me the briefing, showed me the best places to take photos and then for the next 30 minutes let me loose to snap away.

c0531760-423d-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG bd829240-423d-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG

bd377f80-423d-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG c1668330-423d-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG

Laghu Samrat Yantra

IMG_5592.JPG 258368e0-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG

1f81c810-4240-11e9-84e6-61b2525c2358.JPG 20e632b0-4243-11e9-81f3-af06e4639ff8.JPG

IMG_5600.JPG 20cdf720-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG

2483fa40-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG 204da390-4240-11e9-86bc-074e23c1e9f3.JPG

Samrat Yantra

207f13d0-4240-11e9-84e6-61b2525c2358.JPG 24425d60-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG 23ef5b60-4240-11e9-8049-db075384fae5.JPG



Samrat Yantra

1ece2f80-4240-11e9-84e6-61b2525c2358.JPG 22dfc020-4240-11e9-8049-db075384fae5.JPG

24ead260-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG 218a1b30-4240-11e9-8049-db075384fae5.JPG

Jai Prakash Yantra



230b8b10-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG 6972c460-4240-11e9-aa56-a7914e00c9b0.JPG 24b71830-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG

Narivalaya Yantra

25bf3960-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG 23f01eb0-4240-11e9-a74b-d7b1d8cfcfef.JPG



IMG_5623.JPG 252fea50-4243-11e9-86bc-074e23c1e9f3.JPG 22296110-4243-11e9-86bc-074e23c1e9f3.JPG

Laghu Samrat Yantra

1e63cd90-4243-11e9-a2c4-31ef6414ce3d.JPG 1e19a530-4243-11e9-a2c4-31ef6414ce3d.JPG


IMG_5630.JPG 1d40f870-4243-11e9-86bc-074e23c1e9f3.JPG

Chakra Yantra

20416730-4243-11e9-81f3-af06e4639ff8.JPG 24a18d00-4243-11e9-86bc-074e23c1e9f3.JPG

IMG_5634.JPG 20f0e110-4243-11e9-a875-a985ce2dcd87.JPG

IMG_5636.JPG 25e72c60-4243-11e9-81dd-5d2b8c68434b.JPG 20796720-4243-11e9-81f3-af06e4639ff8.JPG

Ram Yantra


205cde70-4243-11e9-a875-a985ce2dcd87.JPG 24f3a4a0-4243-11e9-86bc-074e23c1e9f3.JPG

Ram Yantra

250f9110-4243-11e9-a875-a985ce2dcd87.JPG 23e8eb60-4243-11e9-86bc-074e23c1e9f3.JPG

IMG_5644.JPG IMG_5645.JPG


de7e0180-4244-11e9-81f3-af06e4639ff8.JPG IMG_5649.JPG


Papadom is a term used mostly in South India where as in north they just call it as papad.

You see a lot of papad's being sold in Rajasthan because of the heat. Normally papad's are made at home and sundried on sarees or old bed sheets.

The papad variety starts from Dal (lentil), chawal (rice), chana (chick pea), sabu dana (tapioca), hari mirch (green chilli) ... and so on.


IMG_5652.JPG IMG_5653.JPG

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