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47 ~ So many Caucasian (white) tourists : Pushkar

Pandas are local Hindu “priests” who could be pushy

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Pushkar is right on the edge of the desert and is only 11kms from Ajmer but separated from it by Nag Pahar, the snake mountain. This traveller friendly town clings to the side of the small Pushkar Lake with its many bathing ghats and temples. For Hindus, Puhskar is a very important pilgrimage centre and you’ll see plenty of Sadhus (individuals on a spiritual search).

Eventually arrived at Ananta Spa Resort which was further out of Pushkar than what Ashok had thought. Yes, it was a new modern resort and also a RCI time share complex as well.


A quick check in and after the last few nights at heritage hotels with at times their huge rooms, this really modern hotel room was while small but sufficient for just me. What a contrast.

Reception said it would be 200 rupees / NZ$4.20 / US$2.80 for a tuk tuk to bring me back from Pushkar.

Time was marching on and I only had this afternoon to spend in Pushkar itself. So, it was 2.30pm / 14:30 and agreed with Ashok to meet me outside the Skih Temple later that night at 8pm / 20:00. That would give me enough time to see Pushkar, witness hopefully a neat orange sunset over the lake, then find a restaurant for dinner.

After a quick orientation of town, I was dropped off by the fairgrounds where the annual camel fair is held in late November.

So I walked back to the Sikh temple on the other side of the shopping streets just to get my bearings and timing of how long it would take to walk.


dfd1e8d0-4230-11e9-8bb3-6d7924be14d8.JPG dfe76ca0-4230-11e9-9d40-332c85f122de.JPG


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395b2270-4233-11e9-9d11-43377cd4822b.JPG 38d0bcc0-4233-11e9-9d7c-d53634945224.JPG

3b4e3fe0-4233-11e9-ad1e-af419470cc8f.JPG 3b763a40-4233-11e9-9d7c-d53634945224.JPG



Pushkar boasts temples, though few are as ancient as you might expect at such an important pilgrimage site.

Then back to the Brahma Temple and putting my camera bag into a locked cupboard for 50 rupees / NZ$1 / US$0.70 followed the hordes in.

Brahma Temple is Pushkar no 1 attraction and is said to be one of the few temples in the world dedicated to the Hindu deity. It’s marked by a red spire and over the entrance gateway is the hans or goose symbol of Brahma, who is said to have personally chosen Pushkar as its site.

One thing stood out was that besides the hordes of domestic local Indian tourists, there were so many Caucasian (white) tourists compared to all of the previous cities that I had been in.

3ae1c270-4233-11e9-ad1e-af419470cc8f.JPG 1d84a410-4236-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG


39aa2cd0-4233-11e9-9d11-43377cd4822b.JPG IMG_5467.JPG

2218f940-4236-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG 206ecbb0-4236-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG


255fe6e0-4236-11e9-95a9-41139d6f17ab.JPG 243d38d0-4236-11e9-b9ec-67ddd321ca96.JPG

22c47b80-4236-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG 1d09a7b0-4236-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG 24e2c7a0-4236-11e9-b9ec-67ddd321ca96.JPG

241b58f0-4236-11e9-95a9-41139d6f17ab.JPG IMG_5482.JPG


A few camels were there for the tourists.

221d6610-4236-11e9-90b8-39b44a5a7954.JPG 1e3e5720-4236-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG

IMG_5477.JPG 23482a70-4236-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG

Having read about the various scams, I was certainly on my guard when I walked down to the Brahma Ghat. Yes, I was approached several times and it gave me an uneasy feeling.

Pushkar has 52 Bathing Ghats (bathing places).

There are also a number of beliefs associated with each of these ghats. The water of these ghats is believed to have great healing powers. For instance, Kapil Vyapi Kund helps in curing leprosy, Roop Tirth enhances beauty and charm, Mrikand Muni Kund is believed to grant wisdom, Naga Kund helps in fertility etc.


With time on my hand before the sun was due to go down, I walked the road that circled the lake and entered Jodhpur Ghat on the far side. Even here I was reminded by a local “panda” when also approached to be given a blessing which was declined that no photos were allowed down on the ghat.

Pandas are local Hindu “priests” who could be pushy as sometimes they act as local guardians to holy shrines and lakes.



View from above Jodhpur Ghat

Further around the lake just sat above the Mahadev Ghat, enjoyed the warmth of the concrete seat that had collected its sun’s ray during the day and watched the sun set on the far side. By 5.40pm / 17:40 the golden orange sun ball had dropped below the far hill and the sky started to turn to its layers of dark blue to the fading orange.





2b4fe990-4238-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG 247e6080-4236-11e9-b9ec-67ddd321ca96.JPG

2b60b270-4238-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG 2cede220-4238-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG

2b21fbc0-4238-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG 2d2bfc90-4238-11e9-b5ed-eb5329b8ad8a.JPG

2d446690-4238-11e9-b53a-3925ad8b190d.JPG 2bc7ffc0-4238-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG



29164d40-4238-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG IMG_5507.JPG

2d221180-4238-11e9-a042-056d340fc06a.JPG IMG_5516.JPG


IMG_5519.JPG 2dacc550-4238-11e9-b5ed-eb5329b8ad8a.JPG

Next door was Varah Ghat and soon sounds of the chants began to fill the atmosphere by a small group of devotees who had gathered to perform the evening aarti. Soon I could see and then smell the fragrance of the incense sticks and roses drifting across. From numerous temples surrounding the lake, the sound of ringing bells comes in chorus. The whole ambience really felt divine and can easily transport you to a different world. It would be great and totally different experience when the place is full. So different to the evening aarti that I saw at Varanasi on my last trip.




With many restaurants on the roof top to choose from, it was up to Laura’s Cafe and yes, they had a few customers (ref my experience in Udaipur).

Dinner = Ai Quattro Formagi (pizza) - tomato sauce, 4 cheese – combinations of blue, mozzarella cheese and cheese that are local such as parmigiano 400 rupees / NZ$8.10 / US$5.60.


2bfaf6a0-4238-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG 2bfe7910-4238-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG


View from the restuarant

2d089610-4238-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG 2c58f520-4238-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG

Nearing 8pm / 20:00 it was back to the Sikh temple for my pick up by Ashok and journey back to the Ananta Spa Resort.

a1155650-4239-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG a1835a60-4239-11e9-bfa7-15ed879a4bbb.JPG


A night time shoot of the resort and found out that their buffet dinner was 1,250 rupees NZ$25.30 / US$17.40 plus taxes! My Ai Quattro Formagi pizza was fine.

Here are photos of the Ananta Spa Resort taken the next day morning with the corresponding night view.

a88a8450-4239-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG a3bc0c50-4239-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG

a4039ca0-4239-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG a5816300-4239-11e9-bfa7-15ed879a4bbb.JPG

a825f620-4239-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG a8e611d0-4239-11e9-8c6e-65f89c3bbf08.JPG

a8318ee0-4239-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG a89029a0-4239-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG

a43ed0e0-4239-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG a52a1b40-4239-11e9-b539-4580db395efc.JPG

a55215a0-4239-11e9-9c29-bb6b98f7cc68.JPG a7399a50-4239-11e9-bfa7-15ed879a4bbb.JPG

a534f0b0-4239-11e9-bfa7-15ed879a4bbb.JPG IMG_5533.JPG



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