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42 ~ Miniature painting : Udaipur

Day 11 : What was a true and fair price?

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Because I didn’t have to leave the hotel till noon to travel through to Deogarh which was only 2 hours away, I had the morning free. With check out at 10am / 10:00 it was breakfast, pack, bag into storage and I had more than 3 hours to see a bit more of Udaipur.

Back along the now familiar 8 minute walk to Ambapole (bridge) which crosses the Rang Sagar (lake), through one of the city gates, turned right this time and went into part of the city that I had not been into before.

Passing a group of ladies having their photo taken, I was called over to be part of it. Why me? It turned out that they were parents of a pre-school at an end of year event.


Yesterday, while looking for Raas Leela restaurant, I saw with this miniature painting of the 3 key Rajasthan cities that I would see on this trip:
Jaisalmer - Golden City with the Camel being a Symbol of Love and Sonar Fort.
Jaipur - my next stop. Pink City with its Elephant and Symbol of Good Luck and Hawa Mahal.
Udaipur - White City with the Horse being Symbol of Power and Jag Mandir (Lake Palace).

The guy said it was 1,600 rupees / NZ$33.30 / US$22.50. Told him to put it aside as I will think about it overnight. I saw a similar one later that day in amongst the touristy shops for 700 rupees / NZ$14.60 / US$9.80 and again for 1,000 rupees NZ$20.80 / US$14, so what was a true and fair price?

Wandering one of the back streets well away from the busy tourist route, I saw it again and speaking with the artist who painted it, “bargained” it for 1,100 rupees / NZ$22.90 / US$15.40. Here I was saying that I wasn’t going to buy any souvenirs on this trip. Plus knowing if I got it framed back home it would cost me much more than the miniature painting itself.


Crossing over the pedestrian Daiji Bridge back to the Gangaur Ghat and in the morning sun sat with some locals watching this couple getting their photo taken.

90fe7b50-4204-11e9-98a4-6f9cd1fc72b0.JPG IMG_5159.JPG IMG_5154.JPG

IMG_5156.JPG 957a3f70-4204-11e9-8703-959e06ed5a28.JPG


Hari Ghat from Gangaur Ghat

Then using a different route back around the eastern side of Swaroop Sagar (lake) passing horses being shod, builders at work plus this guy having his morning workout or was it a wash in the lake?

IMG_5160.JPG 9254e390-4204-11e9-8703-959e06ed5a28.JPG


90d5bda0-4204-11e9-8228-891c597ae0f0.JPG 91ce9c90-4204-11e9-9424-4dcff7435cbf.JPG


IMG_5166.JPG IMG_5167.JPG


979ad580-4204-11e9-98a4-6f9cd1fc72b0.JPG 981e5d60-4204-11e9-98a4-6f9cd1fc72b0.JPG




96d5fee0-4204-11e9-8703-959e06ed5a28.JPG IMG_5176.JPG

c2396890-4206-11e9-8228-891c597ae0f0.JPG IMG_5178.JPG

be1c1820-4206-11e9-8228-891c597ae0f0.JPG c12e8840-4206-11e9-9154-ef86d90608d9.JPG


The lake was near flat with the reflections.

IMG_5184.JPG IMG_5183.JPG


IMG_5187.JPG IMG_5185.JPG

Crossing a bridge and on the other side was Swaroop Sagar (lake) where the guy delivering milk was having a break. Don’t know why he stopped in the middle of the bridge.


Further along the road it came out to Fateh Sagar (lake). In the middle was Nehru Island Park with boats circling the lake no doubt with more local Indian tourists on board.

c2c79ed0-4206-11e9-8228-891c597ae0f0.JPG c1bf0870-4206-11e9-8228-891c597ae0f0.JPG

c077bb60-4206-11e9-8228-891c597ae0f0.JPG IMG_5191.JPG

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